You’re invited to:

A delicious ON DEMAND, 22-course, lifetime access, all-you-can-eat buffet to nourish your LIFE and BUSINESS.

Tuck into a smorgasbord of PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT delicacies, and wash it all down with champagne EDUTAINMENT that is sure to fizzle your ZOOM-GLOOM away.


(PLUS get a month of TV-development dinners to go)

Want to be a

in your industry?


Well, here’s something you should know:


Education and training won’t get you there.


Here’s what will:





But it’s important to take the right action ...putting more effort into the wrong things is silly.


If you’re tired of spinning plates and going around in circles, then...




Easier said than done, when you’re trying to learn everything at once, am I right?


And where exactly are you supposed to find all this information?


Like why isn’t there one dedicated TV channel that teaches women everything they should know??


Imagine if there was ONE PLACE

where we could get ALL of our...






Identity & Personal Style






Branding & Marketing

Selling & Negotiating





Love & Attraction

Energy & Healing

Connecting to

Your Inner Magic

...well, now there is such a place!


ON DEMAND LIFETIME access to 22 speakers, recorded over 2 days of live and interactive edutainment in a professional studio.



(Think of it as your dedicated ON DEMAND DiscoverBEE Channel of inspiration,

motivation and celebration!)

ONLY £89 + VAT

Here are some of this year’s 22 AMAZING SPEAKERS - members of my very own power tribe, and elite guides from various domains of life,

business and spirituality.

Tina Pavlou

Theta Healer & Spiritual Teacher

Kate Davis

Leadership Coach

Katherine Byam

Resilience & Sustainability Coach

Dipti Solanki

Grief Coach

Lisa Johnson

Seven-figure Business Coach

Jane Baker

High Ticket Sales Specialist

Louisa Herridge

Women's Reinvention & Empowerment Coach

Chelle Shohet

Style and Confidence Coach

Sarah Cooke

Business & Marketing Mentor

Naomie Ella

Maternal Wellbeing Mentor

Yvonne Phillip

The Success Stylist

Fidel Beauhill

The Modern Man Coach

...and other amazing speakers to be revealed soon!

Here are some of the AWESOME TOPICS

our experts will be covering:

 1.  Passive Income & Abundance


 2.  Spiritual Therapy


 3.  The Power of Imagination


 4.  Leadership & Power


 5.  Style and Body Confidence


 6. Overcoming Grief


 7.  Less Hustle, More Success


 8.  Daring to be different


 9.  Breaking Habits


 10.  Rethinking Gender

Who is the

of this BEE HIVE?

(aka the host)


I’m Dani Wallace, leader of the I Am The Queen Bee Movement, and creator of the Fly Anyway Foundation.


I’m a former serial self-saboteur, who grew up on the  council estates of Preston, and have survived the adversity of domestic violence, homelessness and single parenthood, and ultimately rose up to become a celebrated presenter, author and public speaking coach.


My desire is to inspire and encourage you that (no matter what you have been through or are might even be going through right now,) you can #FLYANYWAY!


I created BEE Inspired to help YOU


Show Up + Wise Up + Rise Up.


You ready?

Possibly the best online event you’ve ever seen


Can we just be honest for a moment?


Lockdown hit us with more Zoom-gloom than any of us were ready for:


Sad backgrounds … constant interruptions… frozen screens … boring presentations.


You seriously deserve a medal for getting through all of that.


But enough is enough!


Here are 3-REASONS why


better than any virtual summit

or online training you’ve experienced to date

You get to pick your STYLE


We’re saying goodbye to “one-size-fits-all” success.


No more one-dimensional “do it like this or fail” instruction.


The broad spectrum of  life, business and spiritual content, and the rich diversity of personalities who present it, allows you to pick and choose what works best for you.


BEE INSPIRED ON DEMAND let’s you determine your own measurements of success, and pick a path that feels right for you


These are trained professional speakers


Trusted experts with good content… That's what most virtual summits deliver.


Unfortunately, they’ve never been trained to deliver their content in an entertaining way.




All our experts are also trained professional speakers, and every presentation has been crammed with inspiration, motivation and celebration.


BEE INSPIRED ON DEMAND pops and fizzles with champagne Edutainment.


We recorded LIVE in a REAL STUDIO


Something magical happens when a speaker steps onto a stage.


Maybe it’s the lights … the nervous energy … the opportunity

to engage their whole body.


Whatever it is, the result is a powerful blend of personality and professionalism.

And that’s what you’ll find in every presentation at BEE INSPIRED ON DEMAND.


Here's what past attendees said about their BEE INSPIRED LIVE experience

Wow !!! 


👑🐝Bee Inspired 🐝👑

Sometimes you just have to

“Show Up ....to Wise Up ...to Rise Up !!


Dani Wallace I’m not sure you realize just how inspirational and supportive your message is !! ⭐️


I soaked up every story, every experience, every brave Queen Bee within that room yesterday ... a Safe Festooning Hive of passion and purpose !!


... My Take Aways ... 


⭐️I can and will Dare to be seen 

⭐️Everyone is Valid 

⭐️A Mothers Love is A powerful force 

⭐️it’s a choice to either carry your shit suitcase or set it down !! 


You gave me a gift yesterday and you gave me a gift with The IATQB HIVE ... Sincerely Thank you ❤️

Jo Smith


Having followed Dani’s journey behind the scenes and being in awe of what she's accomplished I took the decision to go along to Bee Inspired to meet other women doing the same thing.


When I attended Bee Inspired my business was brand new, I had only just started and no one in my personal network ran their own business, so I was looking for connections and inspiration that I could create a business in the online space, despite knowing no one.


I really enjoyed hearing the women on stage sharing their entrepreneurial stories and realising how relatable they were.


I was seated at a table of incredible women who I still speak to and support over a year later. This is exactly who Dani surrounds herself with - amazing people! Meeting others from the IATQB community that day was definitely the highlight.


During BEE Inspired I connected with the incredible PR guru Jo Swann. I began to work with Jo a few months later, and have had some incredible success on the back of it.


To imagine this connection would have never happened had I not attended Bee Inspired and dared to dream bigger for me and my business!

Jenna Rigby

Glam Fit

My challenge was that I wasn’t getting paid for the work that I do, I wanted to learn how to explore my network and build more good connections.


Well, I am now getting paid for the work that I do!!

 I’m getting funding left, right and center.
I have also joined network marketing too, and now have a team who are learning everyday. 


If I didn’t build on my confidence, then my businesses wouldn’t grow and for that I am grateful xx


Sarah Finlay

Milestone Mums

Here’s what your BEE INSPIRED ON DEMAND access gets you:

Bonus materials from each of our speakers and coaches
(including e-books, mini-courses, tools and templates)
valued at more than

More than 20 trained professional speakers recorded live in a real TV studio


Life-time access to the recordings of all the presentations


Plus You Get The Queen Bee

Five-Fat-Zeros Guarantee

ZERO boredom or Zoom-Gloom


ZERO travel costs incurred


ZERO risk of catching COVID


ZERO chance of forgetting lessons


ZERO stuckness ever again

Excited yet?


Here are some

pics from last year (pre-COVID) 

to get you in the mood...